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Protein Type: Does it Really Matter?


As you are all aware, CT, Tim Patterson, and Co. are hyping up a para-nutrition protocol that will probably be released as a package (similar to the V-Diet package) once CT's "Super Program" comes out. For those who aren't familiar with the protocol, the basic idea is to ramp up quickly-absorbing carbs and quickly-absorbing proteins before, during, and after your workout for maximal anabolic response (but as you can guess, there are specific Biotest products to accomplish this). Anaconda, touted as the king of para-workout nutrition, is comprised of casein hydrosylate, which, according to CT, is the fastest-absorbing protein out there. Surge Recovery is comprised of whey hydrosylate, another quickly-absorbing protein.

My question is: does the protein powder type really matter?

From Lyle MacDonald: (bodyrecomposition.com/nutrition/what-are

Is it worth shelling out 2-3x more cash for what may arguably provide limited benefits?


That's a good post, but remember with hydrolysis that the 'degree' of hydrolysis is important. While a product can claim it's 100% hydrolyzed, the real question is how much of it is TRULY hydrolyzed. 12%? 17%? Those a pretty typical numbers (17 being considered 'good'). Now, I don't know the DH of the protein used in the study, but it's something to consider.

I'm sure there are other studies floating around suggesting something else entirely; I have an exam tomorrow morning so I'm not going to bother searching now but I expect someone will post something relevant. Maybe Bill Roberts could chime in here.


Probably not worth it. Besides, the most critical feature of the whole protocol seem to be timing. You can probably achieve similar effects with some carbs and whey.

Even if you get 50-60% of the effect, saving money and avoiding the hassle of juggling 5 supplements around workout time would be a better choice in my book. Nobody's going for the Olympia over here. Most people don't even have the other 90% of their training and diet dialed in to be worried about subwoofers and chrome paintjobs.


P+C drinks para-nutrition are very effective. You can create your own using pretty much any form of protein powder and Gatorade/juice. I use an 80% casein/20% whey + Gatorade blend and my workouts have been excellent since I started. I use a 25gP:55gC ratio


I think this point is key. It seems like too many people (including myself... look at who created this thread in the first place!) are too concerned about getting everything perfect, when they don't even have the basics down. To continue with your analogy, it's better to have a stock Lexus than to have a pimped out Honda Civic.

But, if any experts would like to chime in, I'm all ears!


I don't think it is worth the extra money. I've read several articles on this and the conclusion of all was there would be very little, if any, benefit to using the hydrolysate as opposed to concentrate or something else.


Sounds like something i may have to try.. I have a ton of gatoraide from frisbee season that i mix together to give a crimson color (which i cleverly dubbed 'crimsonaide', because i go to the University of Aalbama).