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Protein to Stop Carb Cravings?


I just turned 56 and lift a few times a week. I enjoy it but admit to being much more cautious these days with my joints. So I guess I am just trying to maintain muscle mass (such as it is) and watch out for my joints. OK, at this point I am taking Flameout daily and two scoops of Optimum Nutrition whey protein in the morning with my oatmeal and that is pretty much it.

I understand that micellar casein is a hot topic. I eat too many carbs especially at night....I know, I know. Here is my question:

I am thinking of buying the Metabolic Drive and trying to take a scoop at night instead of my typical routine of sugar cereals. I am hoping to halt my carb craving. And then try the Biotest Grow! Whey protein in my oatmeal in the morning.

Any thoughts.


I definitely think replacing sugary cerals at night with Metabolic Drive is a good idea.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.