Protein Tailspin!!

Ok. I read the posts on the board about most bars NOT having quality protein. I haven’t ate any bars in months now. Anyway, I need you guys to clarify the BV’s of different proteins, and which one’s are good to take in at certain times (ex. pre/post-workout). So, can anyone explain to me the differences b/w whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein, cross-filtered whey, micro-filtered whey, ion-exchange whey. I find myself running in circles in the vitamin shop trying to find out what is BEST! Please help!!!

T-mag broke all this down one time, but I don’t remember the article title. Maybe a search will bring it up. I’m thinking it was either by Berardi or Cy.

Thanks for pointing me to those articles. It cleared up a lot. = Kburnin’ =

whey hydrosylate during training for super fast absorption, cross filtered whey isolate for fast absorption and good mixing with immunoglobulins, whey concentrate for a lttle slower absorption and less immuno stuff, casein for slowest absorption.

In the whey proteins cross filtered has the most immunoglobulins while ion exchange has the least. laters pk

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