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Protein Tablets?


A few months ago somebody posted, wondering whether food would ever be available in a pill. It looks like a company is selling "Rifle" protein tablets.

Any thoughts and has anybody tried this?


If you need protein, may I suggest a nice filet mignon? At the most expensive restaurant you can find...

These tablets are a rip-off. You get 60 grams of protein in the whole bottle. The bottle costs $39.

A 8 ounce piece of steak has more protein.


The volume of protien would make for a prety huge pill to swallow. Either that or a whole bunch of small ones. either way, it doesn't sound too good. I like shakes.


I looked them up. They contain a whopping TWO GRAMS of protein per serving. I know, my heart won't stop racing either.

Oh, wait, that's just gas...damned protein enriched pasta.


I agree with the others. Just an uber waste of money.


Thanks, but I eat on average a 10 oz piece of top round every day. Preferably under $3 per/pound.

I am just curious, because it is actually food in a pill !!!!


Even if they were cheaper than protien shakes - who wants to pop tablets all day?

only need 50-100 tabs per day.. lol


"Ground control to Major Tom..."

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lol ...

which is why they list it in "mg" ... they do say that the grams are not important ... it is about protein subfraction and some other things ...

is this all junk science?


"Take your protein pills and put your helmet on..."



Actually, it takes a whopping FOUR pills to get the 2 grams of protein. In order to get my protein intake, I'd have to take 600+ pills per day!


How can you guys be so critical?

I personally am stoked to get my "8,000mg of peptide-bonded amino acids!!!"


Food occupies volume. There are limitations to how much you can cram protein molecules together.



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