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protein sysnthesis

If we know that whey proteins increase protein sysnthesis to a greater degree albeit a shorter time than other proteins. What do we think about supplementing with whey protein-only- every few hours. For instance im consuming one scoop or about 25 grams throughout the day along w/ whole food meals every 2-3 hours. and then a blended protein at bedtime. Could this be a better approach to increasing protein sysnthesis?

There’s alot of information in T-mag about why getting the majority of your protein from whey is not a good idea. Use the search engine.

Whey is way overrated. (ha, ha)

(PS, I assume you mean synthesis, 'cause I sure as hell don’t know what “sis-nn-thesis” is)

Check out Skip Lacour and Jeff Willet. They won their respective weight classes and Willet took the overall at last weekend’s Team Universe competition. Take a look at their diets. They do something very similar.

If you eat whey, casien, meat, boogers, snot,or whatever its probably not gonna matter. ok it will but just as long as you are eating a good deal of protein per day thats all you need to worry about. use the rest of that energy you are using on this on your job or school. its much easier that way.

A small amount of whey protien every few hours will create an effect similar to casein.

Read Borries later work on protein speed.

But what would be optimal- has there ever been a study comparing ingesting whey every few hours vs casein. Goldberg I get what your saying but I gotta think if one strategy is only slighlty more beneficial why not use it!