Protein/Surge/Creatine Optimal Time?

I usually ride my bike 3 miles (about 10-15 mins for me, trying not to use too much energy before lifting) to the gym and bring a mixing bottle with protein/creatine powder inside for my post-workout. I just got my Surge recovery and was wondering if I could just throw that into the mix as well and chug it all down as soon as I’m done?

I’ve been taking my protein/creatine as soon as I’m done lifting, but BEFORE my cardio which usually lasts anywhere from 30 mins to 1 hour. Optimally speaking, should I be taking these at a different time? I weigh 190 lbs and lift 5-6 days a week, focusing on 1 muscle group each day.

Thanks and if there are any other factors that I need to provide that will help, let me know.

(I just want to know what would be best for my situation because there’s usually about a 90 min difference in between when I get done with LIFTING and when I get home)

Having access only to this I would probably do something like

2 scoop Surge recovery 15-20 mins pre workout (u could put creatine there)

during workout : 2 scoop Surge recovery

after workout : your protein shake

At a smaller cost I would replace the 2 scoops of Surge recovery during workout with 20-25g of plain bcaa

Hmmm very interesting. I’ve never heard of taking Surge before workout. How long should I go without having a protein shake after my lifting? (Should I worry about taking it directly after lifting? or exercising in general?)

What do you mean ‘having access only to this’? I can try and work around things if I’m doing something wrong, or not optimally(ie. I can drive to the gym instead of riding my bike. I like riding my bike because I have some extra bodyfat that I need burnt off and it’s a good little warmup leading up to my lifting) I just would like to understand and know what would be the best optimal times for my body to be ingesting creatine/protein/Surge Recovery during my pre, current, and post workout periods. Although I think I pretty much have creatine down fine; 5g pre and 5 post are working well for me.

Well first of all, what are your stats and objectives?

The reasonning in having Surge Recovery about 15 mins pre workout (so before ur bike ride) is to spike the insuline so the levels are elevated during your workout and therefor making sure the nutrients you do ingest during the workout will go in the muscles

this is why you will see, with the new supplements like Anaconda, recommendations of taking most of it during the workout

same reasonning would apply for taking bcaa during your workout (4 scoop of Surge per workout wouldnt be as cheap)

if you do take bcaa or Surge during your workout, you could most likely take your protein shake after your cardio, than ride your bike home , than wait about 10-15 mins for solid meal

I’d begin drinking Surge Recovery when you start training and finish by the end of your weight training. Then have you protein/creatine once you finsh your bike ride home.

Alright I’ll do that. Thanks guys!