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Protein Supps With Kidney Issues

 I am currently helping a friend of mine get into the weight game, but not only is the kid 23 years old is 5'11 and weighs 155 pounds, but also has serious Kidney issues.  I think he has has 10 kidney stones in the last 6 years.  His doctor suggested that he try to limit his animal protein which is detrimental to his ability to gain any muscle!

I dunno if whey protein is considered a dirivative of animal protein and whether it will have any ill affects on his kidneys. Can someone with some knowledge help me out here?

Also I wanna get him on some Creatine, but heard that is terrible on the kidneys as well, is there an alternative that will help him gain some mass??


I've had kidney problems as well and was really into using whey protein.

I've been seeing alot of different doctors, seen kidney specialists, have had 24 hour pee tests, numerous blood tests, bone marrows, and much more.

My advice is to stay away from protein supplements, it's hard at first but you get used to not taking them after awhile.

For some people, supplements arn't for them - There not for me. I miss the hell out of my whey protein shakes.. but it's for my health, and it's for the best.


That really sucks. Good luck to the best of you!


So how do you get enough protein to stimulate muscle growth???