Protein Supps on Non-Workout Days?

My wife, 67 yrs. old, does weight-training 3 days a week and takes casein with dextrose before, during and after workouts. She has whey protein for breakfast on non-workout days. Should she also do casein protein pulsing on her off-days?

Just curious, why does she use the casein around her workout and the regular whey on non-workout days?

To answer your question, I would say if I were in her shoes, it would depend on whether or not I was meeting my protein requirements on a daily basis through regular diet alone. If I needed more, then yes, I would supplement some protein into my day.

Thanks for your response. She uses casein on workout days because, according to TC, it’s a better muscle builder and fat burner than whey, and the dextrose is absorbed into the bloodstream almost instantaneously. Her high-quality whey has lots of immunoglobulins, which is necessary considering her age. Her weight is about 140 lbs. (64 kg), so we figure her protein requirement is about 64 gms. per day, which she usually reaches with a diet of fish, eggs, other dairy and nuts, as well as good carbs and lots of vegetables. Her workouts average 75 minutes, and she walks most days.

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