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Protein Supps In Ireland

Hello All

I have a quick questioin. I am very keen to do the velocity diet and have been reading the site from back to front researching. The one problem I have is that Biotest is not a product really available over here. Can anyone suggest any alternatives or even i can get these products? I can PM people with the name of the 2 sites i generally purchase my products off and you could maybe tell me what to use.



Order from this site?

Yeah im from Ireland as well. I usually get my supps from www.discount-supplements.co.uk

Cheapest uk price and free delivery. or you can just order off this website. I dont think you need to get Biotest supplements to do the diet though, other companies do the same range of products.

Cheers guys i have ordered off thiss site before but if it gets stuck in customs im screwed. I ust found out today HOT-ROX is banned here.I will try and order in bits and pieces.

I use myprotein.co.uk big selection… try to match what u need with what they have. there cheap, fast and top quality products.

i know about the HOT-ROX being banned but theve always been delivered to me everytime… i am however in the north so its probably different.

find someone in the north to send them to then they can just resend them to you.

europeansupplements.something is where i get them… 27 quid i think


Yeah We have an office in the North will just use that. Thanks