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Protein Supps for Those Allergic to Milk?


So I want to get my little brother lifting and he can't really afford much but I figured getting him on some shakes with oats and stuff pre and post workout will help him gain some weight. The problem is, he is allergic to milk. He's not lactose intolerant. He is just allergic to dairy. I don't know if anyone here would know what would be ok for him to take, being allergic? but I thought I would ask. Idk if there would be a difference in tolerance between regular dairy, a whey protein supp, whey isolate, or casein? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


I have lactose issues so I cant speak to the dairy allergy, but the better processed whey products are OK for me.

Before I found hydrolysates and isolates pea protein worked pretty well and I also tried egg white protein and rice protein (both were hard to mix and awful tasting of the brands i purchased however and i cant recommend them). They also now have beef protein isolate and vegetarian sourced amino's. Those 3 products could be quite useful in this case.


There is beef whey.


Egg white?
Real food?


Do you mean Beef protein?

Whey = cheese.


Egg protein
Rice protein
Pea protein
Hemp protein

Could also try whey/ casein hydroslate.