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Protein Supps Better Than Whole Foods?


Hey all quick question,

I know generally speaking whole foods should be the preferred type of protein intake, but what if decent protein isn't in sight, would substituting with protein supplements for a large portion of you daily intake for long terms be beneficial? or should the crap protein be ingested instead?

For example, accessible protein would be crap like, tripe, brisket, fatty pork belly...etc.


supposedly there have been no documented benefits of consuming primarily protein supplements over actual whole food.

just because the flesh of animals may not have as high BV as things like whey. I would say you SHOULD eat those foods in addition because they contain some things a typical low carb- stripped shake may lack. Like some EFA's, unless you add those to your shake.

However, theres much more than just protein and fat in a side of flesh, there are trace minerals and vitamins, which can also be added to the shake.

Another thing i find is that psychologically i like having some kind of bulk in my stomach as a result of a meal, it gives me the feeling I actually ate something.


not really just the BV, more like a hidious ratio of shitty proteins....

like 5 grams of protein for every 30 grams of saturated fat..... (meat blended in with tripe or pork belly with an ounce of meat at most)

i was thinking say for a bowl of noodles, eat all the noodles, and pick away at as much protein as i could ( prolly less than 10) and just bump up intake with a protein shake....


Yes, of course having a protein shake or bar would be a better protein source for you than freaking TRIPE or pork belly.

Kinda suprised that's even a question.


day afterday??
i'm talking about majority like 4/6 meals' protein coming from shakes....


Is this a temporary thing? If not, why can't you gain accessibility to quality protein sources?


Hmmm. Well, seems like you actually have 2 questions.
Is a protein supplement better than eating a shitty protein source like tripe or pork.
Usually, yes it is.

Is having 4 of your 6 meals a day come from shakes a good idea.
Several reasons...ranging from nutritional to psychological (Who wants 2/3 of their daily food to be creamy liquid?)

The only time i've heard of anyone doing something like that is when they are doing extreme cutting for a short period of time, like the velocity diet.

Further, i kind of don't believe that the only options you have for protein 2/3 of your day are protein shakes or tripe.

Where in hell do you live/work?
The GNC and Tripe store?


Well I'm working in the Asia region and basically avg about 16 hours a day, so for my meals i can probably run out and grab something quick. The surrounding restaurants are usually chinese food which we all know is pretty crappy for nutrients. (msg noodles, lotsa rice but a few slices of crap meat). THERE ARE caucasion restaurants occasionally (mobile job) but sorry I can't afford the meals. My job does not allow me to bring food to work, (stinking up office), I could hide it in a bag and eat outside, but trust me on the weather...you don't want to do that.

I'm not saying 2/3 of my daily foods is liquid, just a bump up of protein...there are options of downing litres of milk a day....don't know how well my stomach will respond to that....

stuff like beef jerky and all, no point, prolly 3-4 US a stick when purchased in bulk....


I've read that overuse of protein shakes can lead to digestion issues and that the shake types should be varied to avoid this. I generally try to limit the quantity of protein powder I consume in a day to breakfast and then smaller amounts to bump up the ratio of protein certain solid food meals.

I would suggest finding other sources regardless. If you can acquire protein powder then there should be no reason why you can't get canned stuff like tuna. You will be much happier over the long run if you can make every meal of the day something different.

BTW, what are your current goals in physique? That also determines flexibility in this regard.


Whey protein would be a preferred source, even over whole food.

[I'm not referencing the study until the Anabolic Index Manual is released]


what about stuff like canned fish (salmon/tuna)


i had no idea those parts of the animal were so low on protein.

lesson learned


well eating at home yah i could eat canned tuna, and have more options, but no foods at work......and i'm not eating outside here!! noway


Of course, whole food is always going to have it's place. What would we bar-b-que? Protein shakes aren't going to bar-b-que very well.