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Protein Supplements


can anyone help me on what protein suppliments work the best and give the best results. i was taking lean grow by NOW products but that really didnt work as well as i thought. so can anyone give advise on what type of protein suppliments give the best results and in the quickest time. i would also like to note i eat a ton of food.


Take a look at the advertisements on this site :wink:


Seriously, you need to try Low-Carb Grow! powder. It tastes great even in water and is packed with decent protein.


It's not about the supplements. It's about the food, and the training, and the rest, and then, a little bit, about the supplements. Supplements are not the magic bullet. That's why they are called, 'supplements'. Personally, the only supplements I ever took for my first decade of training were protein powder and a vitamin/mineral supplement.


Why do you have two different posts saying basically the same thing. One in "Beginners", one in "Supps & Nut." You got your answer, Grow! and food, so no more posts.


Any pure protein supplement made by a good company is acceptable. Read articles, research this site, and evaluate yourself to find out what your protein needs are and how much you can afford to spend on em.

Biotest's Low-Carb Grow! and Optimum's 100% whey are my two favourites. Not just because they contain some of the best stuff around at any price, but also because they are companies i can trust and label claims have over and over proven to be effective, also both products are very cost effective.