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Protein Supplements and Excuses


Hey everyone, new to the board, but long time reader of the articles. Decided to start writing on my own as a strength coach myself. I will be here frequently posting so I just wanted to introduce myself and post my nutrition blog post.

I think if any of you are new to this lifestyle of fitness you can get some useful information from it, and for all you coaches out there I am sure you can relate to the post itself. Look forward to getting to know everyone and discussing.



strengthsyndicate.blogspot.com/2011/06/protein-supplements-and-excuses.html (WFS)


Why, two paragraphs in, would you go into detail about how you are unable to get your clients seeing results? I'm assuming you're generating content in an effort to generate business and, therefore, more revenue. Just seems backwards to me..



That statement was sarcasm. The basis for this article was for people who do not understand that nutrition is a key component of the fitness lifestyle and for those who know that nutrition is but are on the run so much or have so many excuses to why they cannot fit in their meals and daily macronutrient requirements, this blog post could help them by making them prepared with protein supplementation.


A few comments:

First, I appreciate you sharing this, as I am sure there are many trainers on here with similar ideas for blogs, tiwtter, etc in order to give clients more to work with, and to attract more business.

Second, pay attention to who you are writing to. At moments, it is apparent that you are writing to other trainers (e.g. Some might blame the coach, but we all know better than that right?), and others it is obvious that this is intended for clients (e.g. ...if you are still too lazy to prepare a shake you should probably just stop reading now).

While you mentioned this in your post on here, good writing always selects one group, even if that group is generalized. You do not want to talk to two specific groups at once, when such groups are highly contrasting.

This applies also to the CONTENT of your post. You are addressing simplistic ideas in a somewhat formulaic way. I must stress, this is not always bad IMO. Formula can be extremely helpful for beginners, as it gives them something to grasp on to. However, since you seem to address coaches specifically, you must understand that no established trainer, or even a coach in training, will learn much from these formulas.

If you are addressing beginners, this is a fine post for that purpose, and I meant no offense.

I, personally, appreciate honest criticism, and hope mine was helpful.

All the best with your training.



Also (I was trying to avoid disagreeing with content for sake of simplicity, but, alas):

Do you really feel the only time for protein supplementation is for those who are too busy to make whole meals? How about restrictive dieters? Or those who use PRO Supps as a part of a whole meal? Or those who like the fast uptake of certain PRO supps?

We could have an interesting debate if this is, indeed, your view, rather than just speaking to a target idea or audience.


What about shakes on the V-Diet...?


I use protein shakes because I don't have the time for 5 meals a day..with a full time job two dogs and a live in girlfriend I use the damn things..I use whey protein isolate mainly because I am kinda lactose intolerant but most sites tell me the difference between the nutrition value for a regular whey product and a isolate is negligible... Is this truw am I being bamboozeled or is it just more propaganda to make me buy useless crap


For some people the little bit of lactose in whey concentrate is enough to cause issues. I feel better when I take a quality CFM whey isolate even when mixed with milk. Many of the cheaper whey concentrates and blends may also have crappier sweetners that some people will react to.

I don't know what prices are like in India, but here it is 25 cents a scoop difference, hardly significant.


As long as you get in your daily requirements based on your goals that is all I am worried about. Too much though my clients are always 2 or 3 times a day eaters. If I can get them as well as other newbies interested in better performance and results to see the importance of the 3 times I discussed then I think everybody wins whether you are a trainer, coach or trainee.