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Protein Supplement?

Hey guys havent posted in a while but i started lifting again recently.

Anyway i want to start taking a protein supplement. But since ive never done it before im not really sure which product to purchase. ive read some of the products availible on this site and i like GROW! a lot. but i was wondering wat people would recomend. Im not intrested in losing weight but i wanna gain some more lean muscle and lose some excess fat in the mid section.

Here is some info on my body.
16 yrs old (17 in dec)
149-154 lbs (constantly flucuates from day to day)

  • i play basketball and footballl a lot. jus about every other day or every 3 days. i work out at home and at my friends house. these are most of the excersises i do when i work out.

-bench press, incline press, bicep curls, standing calf raises, dead lifts (n some other excerise that works the shoulders), some pullups.

cardio is mostly the excerise bike in my house. But i get most of my cardio from playing sports. I dont really run for excerise other then when i play sports (altought i usually jog to and from the park) because i am flat footed.

I have a medium build but a little to much fat for there to be tooo much muscular definition and that is wat i want to change the most. Lose unneccesry body fat, gain some lean muscle, and improve muscle definition.

In terms of diet ive been tryin to reduce sugars and stop drinking soda and fast food unless im socializing with friends or family. i dont really eat anything specific on a regualr basis. There is a fair amount of chicken in my diet but other then that nothing too specific.

So which protien shake would you guys recomend for me to lose fat, gain muscle and get more toned(please recomend some simple excersises u would recomend witht the limited equipment i have)

Protein Supplements are just that, a supplement. Your first priority needs to be food. You first need to get a better understanding of your diet and training. Keep a food log (I know it is a pain, but do it anyway). That’s the only way to understand what your eating now, and develop a plan. There are lots of good diet plans on this site (T-Dawg 2.0, the Don’t Diet Diet, (my favorite)etc.)Read every article in the archives by John Berardi. Pick a balanced workout program appropriate for your training experience, and start it today. (Beginners Blastoff or Westside for Skinny Bastards are my recs.). After 2 weeks of the food log and reading JB, you’ll know exactly what adjustments to make to reach your goals. If fat loss is one of your goals, and you need to add a protein supplement I would strongly recommend LC GROW!. It can’t be beat. However, a protein supplement is just a small piece of the puzzle. Stay Strong.
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