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protein supplement?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good whey/casein combo to hold me over till low carb Grow! comes out?

Met-Rx Protein Plus is a low carb protein powder with a pretty decent ratio. Add some fat though!

GOTO the protein factory. I use a 75% ratio of
CFM whey:caseinate. The casein is great for bedtime hunger attacks. It really fills one up.

Pavel, have you heard anything about the quality of their protein “concoctions?” Can I trust what I get from them? I have used the Met-Rx protein before, but it’s too high in carbs. I’m on the Anabolic Diet, and I’ve got to keep my carbs under 30 grams a day.

Hav any of you guy’s tried the whey protein powder you can get at the health food store? At mine they put it in a barrel and it’s $2.25 a pound. I have never heard of any magazine review or test this stuff but it’s pure whey powder. I believe the batch I bought was 3/4 cup= 28 grams of protein 6 grams of carbs and 1gram of fat. It tastes like shit unfortunately but I mix it with chocolate designer and it comes out ok, not to mention saves me a shit load of money

YOU,GOTTA,GOTTA,try PRO-V60 by Labrada,any flavor,it has a combination of Whey,casein,and egg proein at 30grams of protein,with 40servings.THE TASTE IS TO DIE FOR!It mixes great in any liquid(no clumps),And it darn cheap!For more taste add a packet of Equal,or fructose surgar(sold in health food stores).BYE NOW!

 I just ordered from the Protein Factory for the first time.  I ordered their "Night Time Formula" and a couple others.  I haven't heard anything bad about the company on posts I have put up, so I am giving them a shot.  Hope it is all it's claimed to be.  Stay tuned...I'll post my opinion.

Sorry I didn’t get back sooner. This is the first time i saw your response. The different types of whey they carry (especially whey concentrate) deffintely match the taste, body and fullness of other whey concentrates flooding the marktplace. You can definitely tell the quality contrast of the wheys’ the carry, as i have tried all of them.