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Protein Supp.... Best Time to Use?


i know there are many people who dislike muslce milk, but i'm a huge fan. the taste is unbeatable, the protien is great and the other benefits work for me as well.

i can't afford to consume it as recommended though. the canister says to take it before a work out, drink another serving during your work, another one hour after your work out and yet another before bed.

even with online prices near $20.00 per 2.5 lbs, i can't swing four servings a day, especially when there are only fifteen in a tub.

that would be a new tub like every four day.

so, if one were to use it only once a day, should it be taken before, during, after a work out or before bed?

will taking less than recommended nullify it's effect on causing your body to produce more creatine naturally?


Personally, I would take it prior to bedtime, as it's not an ideal post workout formula. Maybe before or during your workout, but if I had to take it once a day, before bed is when I would.



is that because it isn't that great of a post work out drink?

what about the "lean lipids"?

would they just be used like any other fat if i wasn't active after consuming them, or directly before consuming them?


what are you selling?


What the canister is saying is to BUY as much as possible.

The ingredient in Muscle Milk related to natural creatine production is glycocyamine, a potentially harmful substance which the manufacturer has elimiminated from the formula.

A product like Surge pre and post workout would be of far greater benefit, and cottage cheese before bed.


The high fat content of MM is not optimal for pre and post workout.


I'd go with Muscle milk before bed mixed in some cottage cheese. But not a replacement for cottage cheese.


The taste is not "unbeatable", but if you like it so what? Why do you really care what a bunch of guys on a forum think about the product? Personally I think it tastes "ok", but the "side effects" are not worth it.

As for usage- every supplement like this has outrageous use recommendations that if followed correctly basically have you living on the stuff. 9/10 products at GNC are like this.


I wasn't aware Cytosport eliminated glycocyamine from the formula, everything I've read online has said that the ingredients haven't changed in original muscle milk. They other products now that dont contain like muscle milk collegiate, but I think they still use that. Maybe I'm just looking at old bottles?

to the original poster, get a cheap whey powder and mix it 1:2 with maltodextrin/dextrose for post workout and use muscle milk or whatever other product later in the day. With the cheaper whey powders, a poor boy like me can afford to go pre-workout with it as well.

They sell a whey product and a product similar to muscle milk (whey/casein blend MRP) here at T-Nation. Another choice I like for a cheap whey is dymatize elite whey.


Damn, ya beat me to everything here. I second Dave's whole post down to the cottage cheese before bed or even if I wake up in the middle of the night.