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Protein Supp Bashing, Need Refute


I can pull apart certain pieces of that, but could anybody with some technical knowledge of protein prove this wrong? One of my parents is convinced eating anymore than about 40g of protein a day for me is overkill and my kidneys are going to fail. They're dense. Help me out :stuck_out_tongue:


Explain to them the idea, that even the most conservative nutritionists (who know nothing about true weight training), say that "bodybuilders" need at least 1 to 1.2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight or LBM.


Your parents won't listen to you anyway. Besides, did you look at the picture of the person who wrote that article? I personally don't want to look like her.


I've seen many people claim that you can build a bodybuilder-type physique without loads of protein... Guess what? NONE of those people have a bodybuilder-type physique. Coincidence?

As for lots of protein being dangerous, the burden of proof is on those who make this claim. You'll encounter this idea that protein harms the kidneys of otherwise healthy people... and yet no one seems to be able to point to a single case of this ever happening anywhere.


I just skimmed the article but saw this sentence and did in fact LOL:

She seems confused what a bodybuilder is, I would ignore her advice.

P.S. Gottatrain is the exception.


Don't waste your breath. Sounds like your parents are tools. My dad was giving me flaxseed oil, animal paks, and protein powder during my teens.

Just move out as soon as you can. Then disown your parents. They are ignorant meddlers.


I think using protein supps is totally unnecessary, but it is still extremely easy to eat 200+g of protein a day. I don't even think about or count protein at all anymore and I get well over 200. Back when I was supplementing with protein as well I was getting 400g of protein a day. Didn't help gains at all. That lady obviously doesn't know anything though.


Rofl ya, can't disagree with you :stuck_out_tongue: And when I read 150lb bodybuilder, I too, laughed. While I'm a bit more than a year off from moving out I can support my supplementation right now so I'm just going to buy it.

I know I'm right, they probably know they're wrong but as parents they won't admit it, so I'll just do what I've done what I've done since my age ended with teen, ignore them :stuck_out_tongue:


If I ate 200g of protein a day while maintaining a balanced diet I'd be exceeding my caloric needs so much I'd gain weight in a hurry, and not in muscle. Right now I'd say I'm getting 80-90 without really trying but I'd prefer to just mix some protein powder with all the water I drink than take in extra calories I'm not putting to use at the moment.


Do you have anymore blanket statements or was that the last one? Totally unnecessary for whom? If you weigh 150lbs, it may or may not be unnecessary. If you weigh 260lbs and are fairly lean, you just might want to try eating more than that.


Did your parents find this article and present it to you?

Anyway, this should take care of the kidney debate:

And this should take care of the rest:


Obviously Berardi has more experience in the field than the lady who wrote the above article and he also has more education (i.e. PHd vs. her masters). Although I doubt your parents will change their minds, this will at least give your them something to think about.


I firmly believe you should get adequate protein throughout the day. For me I try to get 300+.

However just a strange anecdotal story: I had a vegan professor in pretty decent shape. Not huge, but defffinately muscular with a low BF. He was very surprised to find I take in that much protein. He stated he only had about 60g of protein a day. Strange.


Tell them that if they think protein is hard on the kidneys, they should see what the dbol tabs and deca are doing to your liver. Maybe that will paint the protein as "not so bad"




But if he weighs 150 he doesn't need 100 calorie whey shakes, he needs lots of food. With all the food he should be eating, it would easily add up to over 200g of protein.


I'm not arguing that. No one who is that small should even need to supplement protein shakes. I was arguing the statement made that using protein supplements are useless because you didn't make the distinction of who you were talking about.

I think too many beginners start relying on supplements before they ever even learn to eat enough to cause gains. But this thread began by talking about what "athletes" need which completely discounts the needs of a growing larger "athlete" who has a goal of getting even bigger.

Most studies don't even recognize that goal making most concerning protein intake completely irrelevant to bodybuilders or even athletes (like football players) who are trying to get bigger for certain positions.


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The protein recommendations there are off. I believe protein recommendations (on the very high end are also off). I believe, based on personal experience and study, it's more about daily caloric intake, and if you're eating "like a man" (the definition of which depends on your physique goals at that particular juncture) you should get plenty of protein.

Concluding, micro-analyzing your protein intake is overrated. If your eating enough calories; the proper amount of protein should follow if you're eating the right foods.


I sometimes wonder if we really need that much protein to grow-many prison inmates make tremendous gains-jail food is not very high in protein and of course there are no protein supplements.


I guess this is a question of what we need as opposed to what is optimal. Check out these two articles by JB:



As for lifting in prison, that can of worms has been opened several times already. Do a search.