Protein Stored At High Temps?

I need to know if my protein powder will be any good. My protein is in a shipping container somewhere between Kuwait and Baghdad. The outside temps are 120+ so the inside temp of a metal storage container is going to be way up there.

My protein creatin and other supps are in there because I had no place in my duffle bags for them. Anyway will any of my supps be usable or should I just trash them all. I don’t need to get sick again over here, I had the Iraqi crud shortly after arriving and I still have my immodium in case.

Any thoughts or experience with this would help alot.

I don’t think your stuff will putrefy. Almost all protein powders have a very low water potential so even if the manufacturing process left some micobes in your tub (and it probably did) they won’t have enough available water to actually break down any significant amount.

If your worried about if the protein itself would be utilisable, I don’t think the temperature would be that high to actually denature them and even if it did we can still digest denatured protein.

I didn’t see any problems when I was in Kuwait, and almost everyone was using some sort of protein powder, drink and bar, not to mention andro, creatine and a few other things. The only problem was the protein enhanced farts that kept blowing our tent doors open!