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Protein Stomach Upset

Hey I am new to this list but have been an avid T-mag reader for quite some time.
My question concerns certain peoples reactions to protein drinks. My female cousin Jenny and I are on the T-Dawg V2.0 diet. I am doing great on it and she just started. Problem is that when she takes Designer Protein Mix it kills her stomach. Yeah ok she should have got Low carb grow but hey shes on a budget. Anyways when I first started using protien mixes I had the same problem. I guess I just got acclimated to it.I currently use Pinnacle Juiced protein. No issues. Any advice for her greatly appreciated. Shes excited to become a T-Vixen and let me tell you shes got the potential! Sorry guys shes married.

Anthony, she may just need to experiment with different MRPs. One may sit well with her, another may not. And if she’s just the type of person that doesn’t do well with any of them, there’s nothing wrong with real protein. Just not as convenient.

Is the Designer whey she’s using the blended kind with different kinds of protein in it? If so that could be your problem. I mean, simple whey powder is not the best choice for a stand alone, but some of the complex blends really have lot of shit in them, artificial sweeteners being the least of them. I’d have her try just a whey powder and use cottage cheese for a slower-breakdown protein.
And it could be the art.sweetners. Manmy people have Rx to Aspartame and sucralose. Acesulfame-K tends to have less problems. You could also have her try a powder that’s just whey, with Acesulfame-K, and use cottage cheese with it. Hope this helps.