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Protein Split After Workout


Hey for a while ive been taking 55 grams of whey isolate with carbs post workout with a full meal about an hour later. Would it more benifical to take 25g of protien as soon im done, wait 45 min and take another 25g with carbs and solid meal later. What do you guys do?


if you're a beginner, I don't think it really helps worrying about little things like this. IMHO


Just keep doing what cher doin


No good ever came from spilling your protein, please try to be more careful...

^ regarding topic title type. On topic, I agree, keep doin what cher doin.


okay thanks for the info


If you want to experiment,try a 50/50 blend of whey and casein in your shake post-workout.


I think that would be a bad idea because it would slow down the protein digestion when you need it to be the fastest. If you were going to drink a protein shake and be in a situation where you weren't going to be able to eat for like 3 hours then I could see that being logical, but not when you're also having a meal soon after.


Well, there have been studies on it, so I gave it a try, and it works fine for me. I tend to alternate between all-whey and a mix - I'm always keeping me body guessing. Everyone's different.


It doesn't matter.


according to someone on twitter ( in another thread ) protein is highly overrated and isn't that important any way !!!! .

6 of one a dozen of the other just get your macros for the day at the right times and youre good to go plus youre only 26 so spend the rest of your time looking for more snatch .


But what does this have to do with the OPs question about TIMING.

Of course there are dozens of different options when it comes to calorie sources. But he asked about the timing of the calories.

OP. Splitting the protein up will not make a noticeable positive difference. But I think its better to have it all at once.