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Protein Sources Besides Dairy?


I know BB cut out dairy when they're cutting so what other protien sources to they get their protein from besides meat and whey? Is that all they eat for protien sources? Tones of chicken and shakes?


Seriously? You're not familiar with foods that are rich in protein?

Use the Site Search function - It's your friend.


Nutrition for newbies 1 & 2 -



edit - sorry, didn't notice your years of training first...


I checked out her profile as well.

Apparently 6 years of training experience didn't require Nutrition 101.



HAHA ouch...as suggested use the search but to name a few for you:
Nut Butter
and Two of which I would not take but are "higher" in protein:
Soy products


Maybe she meant 6 years in training as a massage therapist. :-/


Cutting out dairy is outdated misinformation.


Really, carbs outdated? Explain if you will.


Dairy isn't all that's cut. Most carbs are removed for a cutting cycle.


I agree. Based on the questions posted on here and FA, I have my doubts about 6 years of training. If you are a beginner, that's fine, just don't exagerate your profile stats (or you will get flamed).

We're not trying to stop you from asking questions, but maybe consider reading a little first to see if someone else has already asked the same question. Plus you keep posting the exact same questions on 2 sites so you obviously aren't doing any research on your own.


I wouldn't say most carbs are cut completely during a cutting cycle, many people do a carb cycle so they can still have their carbs to fuel their training days. Most people cut dairy because of the whole water retention/bloat issue.


Whey, is a milk protein.


I said dairy, not carbs. Plenty of people get contest ready with carbs in their diets. This article explains the dairy myth:



Alright ignorant people. Yes I have been training for 6 years and I do know my nutrition but if BB's are cutting they would not eat beans/legumes or dairy...they both have too many carbs. And males wouldn't touch soy products.
So nuts, meats, eggs whites, and whey? There has to be more low carb high protein foods.


You are calling us ignorant? you're the one who has been training for 6 years but asking questions that people that have been training for 6 weeks ask.

You can eat beans when cutting, they are full of fiber. Some people can cut on over 100g of carbs. I'm 12 weeks out right now and eat 125g on my training days and 30 on my off days.

If you know your nutrition, then what the hell is your question?


Seriously, how many different kinds of nuts and meats are out there? What more are you hoping for?


I think she is asking for specific examples...you know, tuna, beef, chicken, puppies, etc.


Liquid Amino Acids...


You ever watch bizarre foods...theres alot more, bats,bison,brains from monkees,raw camel,cock roaches etc and frogs..lol


Well she asked for foods other than meat so that's why I wasn't sure what she was hoping for.

Oh, and puppies are my favorite, very tender.