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Protein Site?


Has bought from True Protein? I just found it. I remember a site similar several years ago, I can not remember the name.
This site sells just the protein itself, for example just micellar casein per pound.


I bought some bulk BCAA powder from trueprotein, it was by far the cheapest place to get it ($20 for 450 grams). It's great for buying a lot of protein, aminos, etc when you don't have enough cash for stuff like Metabolic Drive, just don't expect it to taste spectacular.


Thank you. I buy Metabolic Drive every month. I thought that site was interesting though. I have to pay alot of shipping costs which is tough on the household budget, so I was lookig for other high quallity options.


OK sorry I just have to say it. I dont understand what compells ppl to post sources of other competeing products, in a sense advertise them here?

I mean all the free info and such T-Nation and Biotest hands us and ppl come and piss all over their post toasties. Hey look dont buy the stuff here you can get this over here and still read the great info for nil. Well the great info aint free im sure. We get this info from supp sales and I have to say they are damn fine supps and a great price.

It would be like a GREAT close friend. A guy/gal that does anything for you lends a hand when ever needed you dont even have to ask. Does things and gives all the time. Now say this friend works for hell I dont know Ford selling cars. Great so one day your looking at cars and see an awesome GM car for sale and the price is great. Thats good right. well you take a bunch of brouchers for said GM car have big ass stickers printed and plater them all over your friends car advertising the GM product while Knowing hell this guy works for ford thats how he makes his living and he's a damn nice guy give to me constantly and doesnt ask for anything in return.

How do you think said freind would take that. Not to mention you Clearly didnt mean it as a Joke. Hell he'd prob kick your ass.

We all know there are other options out there. But no need to slap up ads for them here. You dont bite the hand that feeds you, or crap in your own bed.



What are you talking about? You can essentially buy the raw protein unflavored in pound/kg increments. I remember a site severaal years ago you could just buy the generic raw materials. It seems similar. I was asking if anybody had an experience with it. I have been looking at this site for six years. I order Biotest every month even paying international shipping which negates any cost advantage. Give me a fucking break. I have a family, my protein powder comes last, there are many more important expenses and things I have to consider.


Biotest currently does not offer directly competing products with that site. They offer fairly similar products, yes... But the site offers different options you cant get here.


How about you speak out about the impoverished and starving children around the world who die every day from malnutrition and let multi-million dollar Biotest worry about themselves.


Protein Factory is probably the similar site your are thinking of. Their prices are pretty good, and I have heard the quality of their proteins is very high. They don't do much to flavor the products, however. I don't like the taste of most of the products I have ordered from them in the past. I pay a couple extra dollars per pound for Metabolic Drive and get something that I actually like to drink.



I understand where you are coming from based on a shipping standpoint. But if you are on a military base, APO specifically... the shipping there should be identical to what you could get here in the states. You could even use the zip zode from San Francisco where everything gets shipped from. I had to do that when I was in Okinawa to get Amazon to ship me stuff (before they had an actual APO listing).

If you're not in the military, then I agree that you should go with whatever is cheapest for you and your family.

Good luck,



Thank you. Now I wish I did live on a military base. I like Biotest so I order it. Though the shipping it tough. Also when I order more than 5-6 items I get a notice from customs to pay duty. Ridiculous. I used to live in New York City a while back and I would just pick up Metabolic Drive from Eva's for 23 dollars.

Protein is a luxury item(or so my wife says). Just wanted to know what people thought about the site.

Thanks everybody.