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Protein Shakes


If I wanted to make all of my protein shakes in the morning would they still be good in the later on in the day?


Nope - they lose there quality after half hour or so, best mix up and drink straight away.


This isn't true.

As long as kept refrigerated, they should be fine for the day.

I wouldn't try to keep them mixed for more than a day b/c the taste and consistency will likely begin to degrade.


This question has been asked in several forms by several people (including me about a year ago).

A search on protein denaturation resulted in atleast this one thread started and finished by reputable people of this site...I still drink my shakes within 15 mins of making them however. I also bring iced milk and add dry mix at about the three hr mark then consume for my mid morning.



I bring dry mix in baggies with me. The idea of it even being afew hours old grosses me out after finding afew bottles anywhere from 12 hours to one week later in different stages of what I like to call protien hell. To me even 12 hours later they begin to smell disgutsting. But thats just personal preferance.


I'd be curious for the educated answer to this question too. I mix mine in a blender with oats and/or milled flax seed the night before, add ice cubes in the am, and drink throughout the following day. Tastes fine to me, even by 5pm.