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Protein Shakes - When?

Well i have been doing rippetoes starting strength now for almost three weeks.
I gained a few pounds… went up to around 127 pounds…
And then last weekend I got food poisining…
it was horibble and all saturday I was vomiting like crazy and I lost the pounds I gained. some people said it would ciome back quickly but it doesnt seem to be. I finally started eating well on tuesday so its only been a few days…

I started doing the “starting strength” program during my vacation from college, where I worked out in middle of the day, and I think that was the best cause then I ate more food later on in the day.
Now, im back in college and its really hard for me, so I have no choice but to work out at night and go right to sleep afterwards, with no food until next morning. and I try to eat a lot.

I was wondering if this is really bad? I mean most people work out at night. its when the day and all the work in it is over.
well right before I work out I take a whey protein drink and during the workout I have powerade to fuel me with protein and carbs so i have energy when I work out.

should I take the protein shake after the workout rather than before? or should I leave it the way it is?

I know… youll say take it both, before and after, but whey protein is costly, and the thought of drinking this stuff twice in one day already gets me a bit nuaseous…

well I hope I gain the weight back and go up more in mass…
right now im 124 pounds
how much do you think I should weigh at 5’6"? I dont want to get nasty huge… just nice. you know…


Focus on eating good meals regularly. Don’t eat small meals, then one huge one. Always eat protein with every meal… etc. Don’t eat candy bars. Don’t drink sugary drinks … blah blah blah*. That’s far more important than sweating over when to take your protein shake.

But, to answer your question: drink one when it is too inconvenient to eat a “real meal.” And always after your workout with some starchy carbs. :wink:

Oh, and saying things like, “I dont want to get nasty huge” tends to invite flames. It is seen as demeaning the amount of hard work, physical and mental, that is required to get “nasty huge.”

*There a ton of articles/forum posts over what constitutes a good diet. Go read 'em. :slight_smile:

How much you should weigh depends on who you ask and on your bone structure.

Medical recomendations are 118-155 with “ideal” at 133#.

Of course that’s based on normal people who don’t exercise.

A better indicator of what to shoot for is based on your wrist size:

This doesn’t give you a weight but gives you a target to shoot at from a porportion point of view.


you shouldnt be going straight to bed without some kind of fuel for your body to recover. I recommend taking the shake after so that your muscles can use it to refuel and rebuild and if possible buy some white bread & whole grain bread and some kind of protein you can store (canned tuna or something)and eat that after workout.

The only time one should eat white starch as goo said is post workout because of how fast it is digested and the spike in insulin, although you might not want that if you’re heading straight to bed after…