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Protein Shakes Make Me Full!


I recently was noticing I was getting soft and not getting any stronger, even though I was working out just as much and eating my usual amount of food. I attributed it to my bad diet, which basically consisted of whatever I felt like eating. When I actually sat down and thought about it, I was eating mostly carbs and fat, and not a whole lot of protein.

So about a week ago, I started drinking protein shakes and making a conscious effort to get as much protein in my diet as I can. My problem now is I'm having trouble getting enough calories because the shakes fill me up. For breakfast, I'll have 16oz of milk with 2 scoops of Low-Carb Grow! (I switched from water to milk for the extra calories). This fills me up completely and I have to force myself to eat lunch. Then I have another 2 scoops of Grow! with water around 2:30-3. I'm so full after this that eating dinner is a chore, and there is no way I could drink another shake after dinner.

From my calculations, I'm getting about 2500-3000 calories a day (and that's pushing it, since I'm really forcing down the food for dinner). This doesn't seem like enough for strength building for a 5'11" 200lb. guy.

What do you guys think? Is the fullness because my body is not used to the high protein diet? Any tips on getting lots of protein but not feeling so full all the time? I should mention, I don't feel bloated, just full.

Just to note, my goals are strength rather than hypertrophy, although I know I'll get some hypertrophy along with the strength gains.


i know you mentioned feeling full and not neccesarily bloated, but for me at least, mixing Grow! with milk is akin to drinking liquid cement. it makes me feel so full i'm miserable. i stick with water and ice cubes and if you need the extra calories, try throwing in frozen berries.

you may also want to experiment with how much, or how total liquid you're adding to your drinks and see if changing the ratio a bit effects how you digest your Grow! shakes. and though it sounds dumb, if you're making them in a blender, whipping them for too long at too high a speed will just add more air to the mix and may also make you feel more full than normal.

your other option is to mix your Grow! into other foodstuffs like oatmeal, plain yogurt or peanut butter. the overall serving size and volume of these concoctions will be less than that of the shakes and may be less filling.

good luck!

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That doesn't make sense. Liquid meals digest quicker. I am hungry within 1-2 hours of a protein shake.

Maybe you're just bloated from the protein and milk. How about mixing your Grow! in water instead? That way, you'll still get 40 grams of protein and be able to eat another meal within 2-3 hours so that you can get in 6-7 meals a day (liquid and whole food).

Also, I prefer to alternate liquid and solid meals throughout the day.


I agree with Nate here. It seems like you need to start eating more AND take your shake. I do mine in the AM, it's 75 Carb 50 Protein with water and yougrt and Oatmeal added @ 7-8am. I will still be hungry at 10 am, I eat a lighter meal then, and go BIG on lunch at Noon.

Eating needs to become a job. Once you do this your appetite will naturally go up.

The shakes should not fill you that much. If anything they should probably sit on top of what you eat EACH time if you can't eat enough anyway.


You better get used to "forcing food" down if you want to gain mass.

I do it about 7 times a day, everyday and I'm still only 180!