Protein Shakes for the Anabolic Diet

or just eat real, solid food? Also should I use creatine?

[quote]Little Marcus wrote:
or just eat real, solid food? Also should I use creatine?[/quote]

I have never done the AD but I think real food with real fat is a better choice. The fuel is fat, not protein.

Why not use creatine? Have shakes but add olive oil and/or heavy cream and/or flax/flax oil.

Also, why not ask this on the huge Anabolic diet thread? All of us AD people would love to help you out. The key is that your question can answer other peoples questions as well, so let’s keep it on the AD thread.

Also maybe read the first 20-50 pages of that thread to answer all the questions you may have.


Search for “olive oil shake.” I posted it a while back. There are two versions: one is regular and one is with fish oil (sounds gross, but tastes like sushi).

basically i have some scoops of low carb MD and also some tablespoons of olive oil. However, i just take the EVOO straight then drnik the shake to get rid of the taste.

Toss some nut butter into a shake with some chocolate protein powder, some heavy whipping cream, and some water.

Tastes amazing.