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Protein Shakes for Kids

My kid does not eat for shit. For a mouse, he eats ok actually. If I was going to make him a shake, what would I put into it? The carnation breakfast are out the door as they are mostly sugar. How about chocolate whey protein with something else?

First he has to like it. Second it should fill him up. I am not trying to get my kid to bulk up but I am looking for a kid friendly beverage where I can sneak in some good nutrients. Thanks!

Metabolic Drive Complete, ground flaxseed, couple bananas, ice, berries & milk.

Metabolic Drive is the best tasting and healthy protein powder I’ve ever had.

I’d throw in a TBSP of olive oil, too. With all that fruit in there, I’d be real surprised if he was able to taste it.

I have the same problem with my kids. They hardly ever eat vegetables or even fruit. Recently I’ve been doing smoothies almost daily as my older sons after-school snack.

plain yogurt
whole milk or Hood Calorie Countdown choc milk
chocolate Metabolic Drive
peanut butter

This “chocolate peanut butter banana” smoothie is his favorite so far, but I am also trying a few other combos (with mixed reviews).

My older son is a little unusual in that he can swallow my fish oil pills (begged me over the summer and despite my reservations because of the size, he tried and actually thinks of them as a treat). So I give him one Flameout each morning, too. Before that, I would sometimes poke a hole in the capsule and squeeze it into the smoothie.

Good luck!

You might consider getting him involved by letting him pick the flavour out for his “special treat”. I don’t know your kid but I know that sort of approach works well with certain ones.

I agree that Metabolic Drive is a good option, especially since it tastes better than anything else. For a child I guess 1 scoop in some milk, half a banana, ice, and some other stuff would be a good idea.

You could make Metabolic Drive milkshakes by using ice cream. I did this when I had my wisdom teeth out and couldn’t eat solid food. Although I lost 10 pounds, I gained it back real fast.

I wouldn’t put wheat germ or flaxseed in the shake just for the fact that it might put your kid off the whole shake thing.

Don’t worry too much about using a protein shake on your child if you don’t see anything wrong with using pediasure or any of those other shakes in a can people give their kids when they aren’t eating enough. But if you’re against those then think again about using protein powders.

If you don’t end up picking Metabolic Drive (though I can’t see why you wouldn’t,) make sure there’s no supplementary iron in the one you pick. Iron overdose has been known to sicken or kill children.