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Protein Shakes - Food or Drug?


Just when you thought people couldn't get any stupider...


A guy is trying to convince others that protein supplements are a drug, and its users addicts. His ignorance on the topic is breathtaking...


Obviously this douche is just another Internet hero, setting up an argument so he can belittle anyone who responds.

In fact, responding to a fuckwit like this would only serve to allow him an audience to be a total asshole.

Just ignore it.


Wow are people for real.
That is so unbelievable it makes me cringe to think that I breathe the same air as people like that.
Not to mention he wants to act like he is some smart special guy.


I honestly have to force myself to drink at least 4 shakes a day. I thought being an addict meant I wanted to do it and had withdrawls if I didn't. Some people are idiots.


Wow! I would actually like to thank you for posting that since it made me chuckle. This guy is simply posting something he knows is ridiculous just to illicit a response so he can beat the poster down with his authoritative knowledge. I agree with ignoring him because he will always "be right" and posting is just feeding him what he wants.

So by his definition my mother made me a drug addict by breastfeeding me. Idiots surround us. :wink:



Too bad that guy doesn't turn into an "an hero"


Pseudo-intellectual dick-puller.



Wow, that made me laugh but it also makes me kind of sad. Hopefully the FDA doesn't read that thread.


I want to hurt him...Just look at his profile pic. Sitting on a couch with a beer in his hand and a drunk look on his face. He's just jealous.


Okay by a show of hands who here is addicted to there shakes... as in you would rather drink that shake then eat a piece of pie or have a steak?


1st of all LMFAO @ his facebook picture, looks like a real douchebag

2nd of all id love to see this guy sometime, id beat the shit out of him


HAS to be a troll.


Meat wins hands down! And I am always down for some pie! (6)



exactly protein shakes are a part of our eternal strive for lots of muscle.



What a funny little doucher.


At least Tom's rebuttal near the end was awesome.


Yay, a douche drinking beers saying protein shakes are drugs..

The level of idiocy of some people doesn't stop to amaze me.


Trick question? O.o


lol look at him drinkin booze. after bashing booze. he's just as much of a drug addict as he claims any one of us are.

except, his "drug" is real. lol

bitch be trollin. don't feed the trolls.
especially don't feed them protien, they might get 'MASSIVE'. lol


Made me laugh!
He's just taking the piss!