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Protein Shakes Cause Kidney Stones?

Is there any truth to this? This guy at my gym told me that he got kidney stones from having to many shakes every day and this guy is huge so thats why i listened what do you guys think? Also this is not high protein causes them just shakes. I dont see how it would but figured i would ask

from what i’ve seen, every test that “links” protein to kidney stones forgets to account for the fact that a percentage of people will get kidney stones either way. if you have a family history of stones, there MIGHT be SOME concern. Otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about it.

also, if that guy was huge, he eats a lot. He probably gets surpluses of other vitamins and minerals that have been linked to kidney stones.

i highly doubt you have anything to worry about.

unless your on a permanent V-Diet and have a family history that would point to getting stones.

not all big people are smart people. though 60% of the time they are, every time.