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Protein Shakes Cause Baldness!



Check out this link;

The doctor is a well respected person in my home town, but I cant beleive she has come out with this.
This has to be nonsense right? How do the medical community get away with comments like this?



I call total bullshit. Nowhere does it even say what "nutrient" she is trying to blame. A protein shake could be whey, casein, egg, soy, the list goes on. Not to mention the fact it was talking about the amount of people with baldness that drink protein shakes. Well, of course. They want to look their best to accommodate their hair loss so they are taking other steps to improve their health and fitness. Nothing against your home town bro but she doesn't strike me as anyone to be respected. My 2 cents.


Is there lead in the water in your hometown? I guess that could explain your idiocy and hers.



that is the dumbest thing ive ever heard. essentially, she is arguing that drinking milk makes you bald.


I think she might be doing it to grab some attention... aka free advertising.



Hmmm, well if you've ever taken a statistics course you would know correlation =/= causation. Elevated levels of DHT, a highly active form of testosterone, have been linked to hair loss in men. I don't think it would be too far fetched to make a guess that men with naturally high levels of DHT and thus a predisposition to male pattern baldness are much more likely to gravitate to the gym due to the natural effects of DHT. And we all know how much gym goes love their protein shakes. Not to mention how many bodybuilders and powerlifters are bald or losing their hair.


Nice observational study that has no back bone to support that protein causes many of the bodybuilders and powerlifters to be bald. Look into your lurking variables.


There is another reason why Powerlifters and Bodybuilders are bald. Must be all those "special" supps they take that might cause hair loss. KnowwhatImean??


I don't know much about steroids but I do know many are analogues of both testosterone and DHT, aka they mimic the effects of DHT and testosterone. Obviously there would be hair loss due to this. How about you actually contribute to the topic. KnowwhatImean?


I've heard this type of thing before from 'hair loss commentators', i.e. those who base their opinions on anecdotal feedback. Personally I don't think it's an unreasonable observation. If you're predisposed to MPB and you naturally raise T levels through exercise and diet then it seems to follow you may lose your hair quicker?

That said, I've noticed from the old school bodybuilders, e.g. Steve Reeves, up to Arnold and beyond (even guys like Dorian Yates) kept their hair despite these factors and, of course, steroid use. Nowadays it seems the opposite is true. I've heard a lot of older folks say hair loss among their generation was not as prolific as it is today. Maybe an environmental thing more than anything else.


Lol x2
Observations, observational studies and correlations derived from them don't prove anything from a scientific standpoint.


This woman is a moron.


I believe it's genetic. If you have the gene for MPB your fucked. If you don't have it, you won't lose your hair regardless of what you take. If, on the third hand, you have the recessive gene, taking excessive levels of testosterone or testosterone mimicking drugs, the recessive gene will start getting expressed and your hair will start going bye bye.


What are the parameters of the study??

I did a study myself last night:

My neighbors house was burning down, I ran to my Kitchen, retrieved a shot glass full of water and tossed it on the fire.


Today I am writing letters to every Fire Dept. in the country, to advise them to cease this useless practice.



Complete and utter bullshit. MPB is 100% genetic and is caused by the male's androgen receptors in the hair follicles' sensitivity to DHT. No outside factors in diet of lifestyle will cause you to go bald if you don't have the MPB gene. You can do 100 cycles of AAS and you won't go bald if you aren't predispositioned. It's scary to think this woman is a doctor.


That made me cringe. how the hell do you base a generalization that sweeping on one small group of mining workers?



I am convinced she is doing this for publicity.


Or maybe people just openly care more. The average guy is going to start losing his hair in his 30's if not before. If no one was going to the doctor about it before, that explains the "sudden rise" all by itself.

In general, more guys now care about how they look just like women do. It used to be taboo for a guy to think about botox. Now, everyone past 40 is doing it.

What I do hate is how some professionals will make statements like this as if they have some personal issue with men working out more. Would you really want to see more out of shape people with hair even if there was a chance in hell she was telling the truth?

I make "observations" all of the time that I may not write down in a professional sense. The difference is, I am well aware that if I am interviewed by a magazine, I might want to leave out the shit I can't really support scientifically.