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Protein Shakes At Night

I looked around for an answer to this, but I couldn’t find one in the first couple of pages. What I want to ask is that if I start drinking protein shakes at night before I go to sleep, will it lead to body fat? I ask this because I have heard that excess protein that isn’t used turns into fat.

if you are drinking something like Metabolic Drive, then you are more likely to see fat loss. extra protein, means that you take excessive amounts at each opportunity. for example, if you determined that you want to take in around 30g per feeding (on average) then the too much amount for before bed is over 40g of protein assuming you are using a casein/whey blend like Metabolic Drive would be too much. this is if your goal is fat loss.

chances are that extra protein will not lead to fat gain unless it significantly increases your caloric intake - ie: 50% extra protein at every meal, but it can inhibit maxmum fat loss. Chistian Thibaudeau explains this in yesterday’s article. unless you are doing an extreme diet like the v-diet, usually it is best to keep proetin at 30-40% of calories. even with low carb, one should take in quite a bit of fat (10-15% carbs means 60-45% fat).

Protein shakes alone won’t lead to more fat gain than any other food.

Any source of calories in excess will lead to fat gain.

if you are putting in more calories than you are burning= weight gain
burning more calories than you take in = weigh loss

(in very simplistic terms, I know there are more varibles but I was just tryng to keep it simple)

A protien shake like Metabolic Drive or Metabolic Drive Complete with casien protien is a good before bed choice.