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Protein Shakes and Oatmeal


Are there any tricks to blending oatmeal into your shakes so that you dont have to chew your shakes at the end?


Use a blender?


use more liquid when you make them

  1. Use more liquid or less oats
  2. Drink it quickly after it's been blended.

This morning's shake consisted of:

3 scoops grow, 16 oz. skim milk, 1/2 cup oats, 4 ice cubes. Consistently was perfect.



i grind my oats in a coffee ginder, then blend, and drink soon after blending.


This is what I do (just learned this from a friend)...dont know why it took me so long.........

I put in 1 cup old fashion oats in my blender with nothing else..Not even water....then I blend for 30 seconds until it all turns to dust...

Next I add protein, frozen berries, either olive oil or flax oil, and water.

After all this, I turn the blender on again for about 1 minute....

this has been really working out great.

as I can take down 1 cup of oats like nothing now...anytime I want...

I usually have this mixture before and after my workouts...


I know I am not answering your question, but this is my solution. Instead of adding Oatmeal to my powders, I add powder to my oatmeal. A cup of milk, a half cup of whey, two tablespoons of peanutbutter, brown sugar to flavor makes a delicious bowl, over 500 cals, 40 g of protien. BEEFCAKE!


Thanks for the help. I think I'll try grinding them up a little then mixing in protein with a little extra water or milk. I've tried adding powders to oatmeal before and it has been hit and miss for me, it's pretty close to coco crispies though if you get it right, I just like being able to drink it in 30 seconds instead of cooking them.


Doesn't this kind of defeat the purpose for eating old fashion oats? I'm not saying it's "Bad" but I would think that blending it to dust would speed up digestion thus conversion to sugar. Am I out in left field here? If so great cause it definitely sounds like an easier way to mix it with shakes?


Technically yes, but some people are using quick oats or old fashioned oats post workout, because combined with other carbs they seem to cross the GI threshold you are looking for.

Anyway, I find that Old Fashioned Oats actually blend to a shake better than Quick Oats, which seem to be missed by the blender blades.


Do you soak the old ones over night first? A lot of low gi carbs have that status because of their structure (pasta comes to mind..) so grinding them up might change that a little. Still a lot of fiber though.


Good point and its not one that I did not ponder myself.

I came to this conclusion...

oats are oats are oats...whole or dust..its still the same product that im eating..same calories some oats content....so I dismissed it as a non issue...

I could be wrong???