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Protein Shakes and Nightmares


I have recently started consuming large protein shakes before I hit the sack to add those extra calories. I'm getting about 8hrs of sleep every night, but I wake up at least 3 times during these 8 hrs due to weird funky dreams and nightmares.

It's killing my sleep patterns. Any suggestions other than not consuming shakes before bed? It's not getting to sleep thats the issue...It's avoiding these nightmares thats killin me.


Hmmm, it has been rumoured that eating a large steak or meat meal before going to sleep will get you nightmares.

I can personally say that it works for me - lots of sweating throughout the night and interrupted sleep with repeating nightmares. Having 400 grams of minced meat an hour or two before going to bed does the trick for me.

(of course, who would eat that much late in the night anyway...).

So, maybe you have trouble digesting all that protein. Try some digestive aid (enzymes or lots of fiber)?


You're obviously not using Metabolic Drive! :wink: