Protein Shakes a Good Lunch Option for Someone with an Office Job?

Are protein shakes a good lunch option for someone who has an office job?

That depends on what your meal plan is, do you’d have one? Is there a specific daily macro you are trying to hit?

During the summer, I spend most of my days walking around a construction job site and drink a protein shake with things I add like coconut oil, PB, and cocoa powder. I used to use mass gainers as a meal replacement when I couldn’t get away, but I like the shake I make more. Just make sure you get veggies and fiber in your other meals.

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the short answer is yes, but you’ll find it pretty unsatisfying trying to replace an entire meal with just a shake

No, you have an office job… Eat real food.

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But…it can be a great and convenient way to get your protein in during the day and keep your blood sugar from dropping. Especially if your boss is tough on you eating at your desk.

Not really when you can simply eat food. Is it really hard to eat a sandwich or meal in Tupperware prepared the night or days before? Or even just to walk somewhere and get a decent meal?