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Protein Shaker Cups

I’m looking for a good 1 liter shaker, I heard Nalgene makes a pretty good one with a screw on top that doesn’t leak.

Anyone know where can I pick that up from either a retail store or online? I live in the US, and the few places I found online were all in the UK. I was hoping not to pay more in S/H than the actual shakers… Thanks.

I’m sure you could find Nalgene bottles at a lot of places. My campus bookstore sells them, and I’ve seen them at hiking/camping stores.

I also read somewhere that Rubbermaid makes some with a blue top that are good.

Nagelene jars can be bought at sams Club or Costcos. I bought a variety size pack of three for $12

Whatever you use for a protein shaker, make sure that you can fit your hand in the top for easy cleaning.

I go to Costco for my wannabe-Nalgene bottles. Last time I went they were 4/$10. Normally, one real Nalgene bottle costs around $10. Needless to say, being a college student I was quite pleased with my find.

Try here


I have a few 16 oz and 32 oz wide mouth bottles.

I use a shaker that was a retired ranch dressing shaker. Works wonders and looks great. Plus when i mix a vanilla shake, ppl think i am drinking ranch. Its perfect.

I’ve always got empty water bottles laying around, and I just take one of those put my shit in it, (not literally of course) and chug away!

i got a shaker from vitamin world for like 5 bucks. i think its only 24 ounces but it works pretty well.

Most health stores will sell them, im still waiting for my T-Nation protein shaker though :slight_smile: I wonder when they will do one.

Also, a lot of the larger tubs of protein you can buy (4.5 + 2.5kg) come with them over here, although i doubt it’s worth it, because of their inferior quality compared to Grow!

Just be sure to get the kind with the big screen on the top to break up any unmixed protein powder.

That screen thing is also great for holding back ice cubes (uncrushed) while you’re drinking.

I can’t say enough about making sure the cup has a wide enough mouth for ease of cleaning and putting in powder.

With a Nalgene bottle, it’s almost impossible to scoop powder into the narrow mouth without spilling some of the precious stuff. I’m always either using a funnel or putting the powder into a separate paper cup that I can pinch to form a pouring spout.

The other shakers with adequate mouth widths (and shaker screens) unfortunately never screw shut as well as the Nalgene bottles. I’ve had a couple of shaker spills in my backpack because of faulty seals (pretty messy).

The perfect shaker would be a Nalgene-like bottle with a 4-5 inch diameter mouth, capable of holding about 40 oz of liquid. If somebody knows of such a bottle, please share.

This is like the kind I have. I have 3, but one is a different brand than the other two, mainly because the first one leaks a little.

The other 2 aren’t too bad so far, but I think the rubber o-ring starts to wear away eventually and the bottle needs replacing.

I also think the screen helps a lot with breaking up the powder. You don’t waste as much with it.

I use a recycled spaghetti sauce jar…works for me.

Oh and just a tip…get a baby bottle cleaning brush…fits in the top nicely.

tenaciousc-remove the label, though the look on peoples faces would be priceless…


man you guys are waaaay too complicated. what i do is get really hungry, order chinese food, and use the big container that the wonton soup comes in. works great for me and i just throw it in the washing machine afterwards. simple.