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Protein Shake


Taste isnt the most important thing to me in the world. That really isnt what i look for in a protein shake, but it certainly would help. And one thing I definitely dont want to do is, get a whole bunch of protein, but also get 40 grams of sugar, i might as well eat a steak, and drink a soda. Recently I tried extreme smoothie.

It really surprised me, it tasted great, had 35 grams of protein, and 5 grams of carbs. Has anyone else heard of it, that can give me feedback? Is there something better that fits what i have described? Thanks for all your help.

Shaker Left Unwashed for a Month
Shaker Left Unwashed for a Month
Shaker Left Unwashed for a Month

I don't have any knowledge of using extreme smoothie, but it seems your looking for a low carb great tasting protein shake. Low Carb Metabolic Drive is low in carbs and great tasting. I just ordered some chocolate and im in love with it. This is a casein/whey mix. If your looking for an entirely whey protein isolate powder, I've also had low/zero carb isopure and enjoyed the taste.