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Protein Shake With/Without Carbs?

I have been lifting for several months on nothing but eating a lot and lifting as heavy as I can. My goal is size gains for the next several more months, just get stronger & bigger, then going to cut for around 2-3 months after that. I have seen nice strength gains, and even nicer size gains, tomorrow I’m going to go out and buy some candy (supplements) I have two questions really:

  1. Protein powders, which is best? The one with or without carbs? the one with fat or no fat? should I just search for the one with the highest protein and nothing else? maybe some other good stuff mixed in like bcaa’s?

  2. What else are important supplements to get? Here is my shopping list:

  • 100% Whey Powder, gold standard
  • Powder form creatine
  • mega men multivitamin
  • BCAA’s supplement
  • Fish Oil supplement

ps. It would be nice to keep as much fat as possible off though. I like doing full body, circuit training 3x week.
i know for sure I will be purchasing creatine and when powder, what are some good choices for supplements? thanks.

It looks like you know your stuff and don’t need much advice. Go with your plan and as far as a suggestion on protein, I’d day go in the middle with fats/carbs. Taste is always a factor too. I tried the Muscle Milk Light, gross! Labrada V60 in good in all flavors for quality too. Also, Syntrax Matrix cookies n’ cream tastes awesome too.

Before you buy protein, check out http://www.t-nation.com/readArticle.do?id=460792.

I prefer low-0 carb shakes with low-0 fat. Add what you want to it, don’t be limited by what’s already there.

The Metabolic Drive sold through this site is probably the best protein shake on the market. It has a blend of Micellar Casiene and Whey protein, which is a good thing. Tastes great too.

If you are looking for more of a “meal”, then get the complete version, which has ample protein, some good carbs and good fats.

The Grow! Whey is simply whey protein and is pretty cheap and good tasting. Go with this is price is an issue.

I think MH actually gave Biotest the best blend honors.

I like what Scott said, go with low carb low fat protein powders and then add what you want to them (Olive Oil or malto/dextro) if you can’t afford to buy different types.

I buy Grow! Whey, Surge, and Metabolic Drive, depending on what I need from them. The Metabolic Drive and Grow! Whey tend to last longer when I do this as well.

Surge, Creatine, Fish Oil are standard. then add BCAA’s and other stuff.

Right now I’m taking in about 2 servings stawberry creme whey, 20-25 grams glutamine, BCAA pills (before and a few after workouts), 5 grams creatine, a dash of cinnamon and pumpkin spice, and as soon as it comes in the mail I’ll be adding banana bash flavored leucine as well. (about 10 grams).

That’s what my low carb PWO shake currently consists of.

I’m having WPI, with glycine (10g), glutamine (20g), creatine mono (5g), leucine (10g), and maybe 5g of bcaa (2:1:1).

On the AD.