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Protein Shake With Milk or Water?

I currently take my PWO (Malto/Dextrose and Whey Concentrate) shake with water as I have heard that taking it with milk will slow the absorbtion rate? I’m guessing this is because milk is slow acting and therefore mixing whey with it will slow down the effect of whey? Im only speculating here, so feel free to explain if I am wrong.

Im interested as some flavours taste nicer with water than milk and vice versa and I was wondering if it makes a difference?

If you want to add milk to your PWO shake, simply avoid the higher fat varieties and opt for skim. The fat will slow absorption, which is what you don’t want, so you’d be fine with skim.

Heck, if Dr. JB recommends skim milk for PWO (in the absence of Surge), I think it’s good enough. :wink:

Or you could go with Surge and not worry about it.

Either way, hope that helps!

The reccomendation is to not mix milk with Surge, specifically, because it uses whey hydrosolate, which is faster absorbing than milk, and already optimally formulated. If you’re going ghetto to begin with, then skim milk probably won’t be a problem.

As the other fellow pointed out, JB recommends chocolate skim milk as a ghetto PWO all by itself. Surge by itself will be better. But if you can’t get Surge, choco skim milk with your whey (or alone) shouldn’t be a problem.