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Protein Shake Timing


I recently started adding creatine and glutamine to my protein shakes. I typically do 15 min of cardio on lift days post workout. Does it matter if I have the shake before the cardio or after?

Also, on non lift days I have the same shake. Should the protein shake recipe on lift days differ from non lift days?


You need some fast acting carbs in your shake post workout to restore the depleted glycogen levels. On your non lift days you don’t need to restore glycogen so just protein with maybe some added healthy fats would be good.


non-training days, just have it…anytime really. probably the morning or right before bed.

on training days; ebomb hit it right; save it for post workout.


If your cardio on non-lift days in Steadystate, you can go for the straight protein or P+F like was mentioned. However, if you’re doing intervals, most people I know who compete prefer to treat the session as a weight session, thereby requiring a form of recovery shake. Meaning… P+C PWO (although I would limit the carb amount if fat loss is your overall goal).