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Protein shake recipes

Hello all. I realize this isnt’ directly related to training in regards to weights; however, it is strongly related to nutrition in regards to everyones post workout shake. I was just curious what all you buff peeps out there were using for their favorite protein shakes and what the amounts of protein and carbs you have been using. For me personally, I weigh 215 at about 8% bf. I look forward to the protein shake like its my job and like for it to taste as good as possible. ANyways, my recipe for success has been treating me very well and it goes as follows:

2 scoops of isopure chocolate (50g protein),
1.25 cups skim milk (11 g protein approx.),
1 container of breyers light yogurt (cherry vanilla)(23 g simple carbs…yummy),
2 large bananas ( approx. 50-60 g carbs simple),
4 ice cubes.

Depending on what flavor yogurt you use, you can alter the taste moderately…any combo is normally very good. Let me know what you guys ahve been using as ims ure some peeps probably get bored with the same old shake day in and day out. Later DMGINC00

You can put lots of different stuff in one. Like whipping cream, chopped nuts, ice cream, powdered milk, yogurt, fruit, molasses, brewer’s yeast, lecithin, honey, olive oil, flaxseed oil, tuna (Dan Duchaine’s favorite I think), eggs, RAW MEAT!! (Paul Anderson’s favorite).

Wow, you lost a full percentage of bodyfat in only 5 hours, good job man! :slight_smile:

Anyways, I split my workout nutrition into two different shakes. The first I drink during my workout: 1 scoop vanilla ice cream optimum whey with 20 g of dextrose and 20 g of maltodextrin. The other shake I drink after my workout: 20 g whey hydrosylates, 20 g dextrose ,20 g maltodextrin, a little bit of kool-aid powder and a heaping teaspoon of creatine.

I’ve been working my way through the recipes in the “shake it up” article at T-mag. The key lime pie is the best so far. Give it a read.