Protein Shake Question

I’m new to everything here so sorry if this is a dumb question. I’m 5’10" 220 lbs. I have a good bit of fat hiding any muscle definition that I have. I’ve finally signed up to my local gym and started hitting it pretty hard, this will be my first complete week at the gym.

I’ve read that a good way to burn fat is to make muscle so my question is, should I start taking a protein shake after my workouts? If so any recommendations?

Listed in order of importance (at least in my opinion):

  1. Diet/What you’re eating or not eating

  2. Workout

  3. Supplements

(crap…“REST” should be in there somewhere too - probably #3)

To answer your question though…

YES, have a protein shake after you workout.

I haven’t used any yet, but I hear really good things about Surge

(I’m just waiting for the Creatine to be in stock and I will be placing my order)