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Protein Shake or Chicken Breast?


For the protein portion of a normal meal on the go is it better to eat a chicken breast that you previously prepared and stored in Tupperware ,or is it the same as taking in a quality blended protein shake?

I always read about bodybuilders carrying around grilled/baked chicken breasts and eating them on the fly. I just wonder if there is any real benefit versus the same macro nutrients and protein from a blended protein drink or meal replacement shake. If there is a difference here what is it? Which is better for your physique? Which is the most cost effective?

Thanks in advance. I appreciate any responses.


Much of a muchness IMO, alternate between the 2 and see how you feel/compare results.


I always try to consume real food when given the option but RSGZ is right, experiment and figure it out.


Chicken gives you something to digest. I ate a couple of chicken breasts at lunch and my stomach is still fighting its way through them.

For fast absorption (like during workout) go with the shakes for the same reason. Or just put the chicken into the blender.


Well lets see...

Surely chicken and a protein shake dont have the same amino profile do they...?


No a chicken breast has more aminos, is delicious, digests slower (keeping you full for longer periods of time), and is amazing. Try with some stubbs marinade for enhanced amazingness* :slightly_smiling:


I agree that real food is a bette choice, but if you are short for time, then the shake isn't a bad choice.


Thanks for the input guys. I did some rough math and it looks like the difference between the two adjusting for equal amounts of protein the chicken breast is just a few cents more per serving.


Which aminos?

Personally, I usually have some Metabolic Drive or Grow! Whey with my chicken or whatever other meat I have with my meals.


food first......always


A piece of chicken has a good amount of 13 of the 20 aminos derived from protein.. A 3 oz. chicken breast has ~2.5g leucine, ~1.8g Iso-leucine, ~1.7 g Valine, ~2g Arginine, and so on.


The protein powder I'm holding in my hand right now has more aminos in 3oz worth. It also has 20 of the aminos. I still don't get what you're trying to get at when you say more aminos....


Just that chicken is great and does have a good amount of amino acids in them. (Someone asked about the compared amino profile). The 100% Optium Whey powder I have in MY hand does not have more aminos than a 3 oz. chicken breast and definetely doesn't taste as good :wink: