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Protein Shake Necessary if Training Before Meal?


I work out in the mornings and eat a banana pretty soon after I'm finished and then walk to the foodcourt (I'm in college) where I eat another serving of fruit and 5 whole eggs. These are the best options I have in the foodcourt, and i can't really cook anything else, as I live in a dorm. I'm getting protein from the eggs and I get plenty more from meat at lunch and dinner, so am I missing out by not drinking a protein shake as well after I workout? The time between working out and breakfast is rarely more than a half hour, so will the meal be enough or should I drink some whey with the banana before breakfast?



Peri workout nutrition.

Look it up.


Na, you're fine. If you're really worried about it you could drink some EAAs or something before or during your workout. A protein shake immediately before you train might make you feel a little sluggish, but maybe not.

If you're getting a good meal in you after training it's fine. It's maybe not ideal, but the difference won't be enormous.


I have but most of the articles are geared as if you will not have a meal in the immediate future


Have a protein or amino drink pre/during workout


No one can tell if the protein powder is necessary unless you tell how many grams of protein you get, ideally. So look it up, count it for a day or two and then see if you get enough. If not, use the shakes.

I'd have something before the workout as well


What are you eating before you workout?


I get about 200 a day, and I'm 145 lbs, trying to gain weight. The shake would add an extra 30 g. I'm trying carb cycling, so I get about 180 g carb on 2 leg days and 90-100 g on other days and 90-100 g fat. I would eat more carbs, but there's just not that many clean options available. Because of my class schedule and preferences, I go to the gym pretty early. I don't eat beforehand. I tried it before and it made me feel sluggish.


This article talks about why it's not the best plan to workout with an empty gas tank, even if you're going to fill up afterwards.

Um, why? A skinny dude trying to gain weight needs protein and carbs and fats. Plenty of them. Every day.

What do you consider "clean options"? Potatoes (any kind), rice (any kind), and oatmeal aren't usually too hard to find. You could probably even have... gasp... some toast.

And like the guys have said, have a workout drink during training if you can't have it before. One bag of Surge Workout Fuel would cover you for a month for $50.


Well, the most glaring thing here is that you're training fasted, which is the worst thing you can possibly do with weight training. AND you're trying to gain mass? Your muscles are literally eating themselves to fuel your workout, you'll never make progress and are setting yourself up for some serious metabolic damage. Eat before you train, and if you feel sluggish then have a coffee or Spike or something and make it work, or just push through it. Fasted weight training, especially when trying to gain LBM, is like saying you're getting ready for a marathon, then shooting yourself the foot. Then shooting yourself in the other foot.

@Chris_Colucci replied as I'm typing this, but he's spot on, peri workout nutrition is ideal if you're not eating before hand. If that's out of budget, potatoes, rice and oats are indeed super cheap. Soak a cup of rolled oats in a protein shake over night and have it first thing in the AM, and you have a nice pre workout meal right there. Also agreeing with CC, if you're 145 and trying to gain, why carb cycle? EAT UP! You sound like a naturally skinny guy with a fast metabolism, EAT EAT EAT. Not saying load up on junk food and grease, but you certainly don't need to be carbphobic.