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Protein Shake in the UK

I have been doing some research into where I can source my protein for my SS program. And I think I may have found what I am looking for, the macros are like this:

Door 1 (16-18p per serving)

20g pro
1.6g carb
12g fat (3.8g sat)
0.72g sodium (a bit high)

Door 2 (23p per serving)

22g pro
6g carb
2g fat (1g sat)
60mg sodium

Door 3 (25p per serving)

23.6g pro
1.8g carb
2.1g fat
50mg sodium

Now here’s the trick Door 1 is actually a whole food. In fact the fat in Door 1 is actually Omega 3! (apart from the sat fat). The only problem is the very high amount of sodium, which can be solved by soaking. Door 1 is a tin of ASDA Saver Sardines, at 16-18p per tin!

(Door 2 is ProLab Pure whey and door 3 is impact whey protein from MyP)

Now I know that 5p difference doesn’t seem that much but when you factor in that you are having loads of servings in a tub, about 70 servings, then 5*70 =£3.50 which is actually quite a good saving overall. That £3.50 can buy you loads of other great food.

/pimping sardines

whats the mercury content in sardines? would it be ok to eat them 2x a day every day?

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
myprotein.co.uk ?


Is now expensive… £21 for 2.72kg which is normal. Hell Discount Supps doing flavour protein for that price.

…even if you buy the 4.54kg for £30 the serving is still only 22p.

In regards to mercury content it is about 0.016ppm

If I do some sums

0.016ppm = 0.0000016% = 0.0000016g/100g of sardines