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Protein Shake for Gaining Weight

I just recently started working out again after goin to the gym on and off for a year or so but not really stickin to it after goin for a few years straight. I have a fast metabolism and my main goal is to gain muscle and weight specifically, as opposed to just getting toned/stronger.

My question is, when it comes to gaining weight when working out, which is more important, calories or protein? Im specifically interested as far as a post workout protein shake. I used to drink optimum weigh with BCAAs which gave me all the protein I needed and amino acids, but not many calories. Should i be drinking something like Surge recovery instead with more calories? or Muscle Milk? Im a little out dated with all the new drinks.

thanks in advance

carbs:protein after lifting in a 2:1 ratio I believe most will agree with.

Muscle milk is decent to make a weight gainer out of, but typicaly not used for post-workout. Surge recovery is a great post workout shake.

But remember to gain weight, it is more about total calories, not total protein.

In my experience, Surge Recovery has been a great product. You don’t have to reserve it for post-workout either. Start drinking it as early as 15 minutes pre-workout to gain an insulin boost and continue to drink throughout your workout.

I believe it fits the bill for what you looking for too. Whey hydrolysate, glucose, plenty of aminos, and overall plenty of calories. During times when I’m bulking, I’ve used up to 3 scoops during my workout.

Oh, and it’s damn tasty.

wait i got a question Surge Recovery is a good peri workout drink but what would a person be drinking the rest of the day?

maybe this is a better question; what would be some good meal replacement drinks to take along with a solid meal diet for weight gain?

^^^^^whey and extra virgin olive oil