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Protein shake during middle of night

Just wondering how many of you wake up in the middle of the night to down a protein shake? Do you do this all the time, or only when “on” something (like Mag 10, Androsol, or other types of muscle juice)?? thx… = Kburnin’ =

I asked about this a while back. A lot of people said that this just interupts your sleep.I would also like to know if this helps while “on”. John Berardi had an article about this a couple weeks back.

I know most people recommend NOT waking up intentionally to drink one, as in setting an alarm, and I agree with that. I’d never get back to sleep. If you wake up to pee, and you feel like it, go ahead.

I would recommend maybe stocking up on a quality RTD, and drinking that, rather than having to mix up a powder while you're blear-eyed at 3am. You could just blend one before you go to bed, and then put it in the fridge, but I've found that mine seperate if I let them set, and the consistency is intolerable. That's just me, though. Hope this helps.

I drink a whey + casein shake 30 mins. before I go to sleep. Casein is supposed to peak in the body after 8 hrs. I believe. Personally, I believe that this is sufficient (I get 8-8.5 hrs. of sleep), just wanted to get a consensus. BTW, I think I do remember a similiar post a few months ago, but I don’t remember what the consensus was. thx…

if I wake up about 3 hours before my scheduled wake up time I’ll drink a cup of milk, take a leak (reason why I woke up) and go back to sleep.

When I need a lot of calories, I eat and drink all the time and always eat a big meal before bed. Almost every night during a high calorie phase, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night to take a leak (I never set an alarm intentionally). When I get up, I’ll slam back a pre-made shake or a tall glass of milk and go back to bed. I definately do all the prep work before bed. During maintenance or sub-maintenance calorie periods, I never drink a shake in the middle of the night.

When on Mag-10 or something comparable, I like to mix up a shake before I go to bed and put it in the fridge. I don’t use an alarm, but I usually wake up before I actually get up for the day a chug down the shake before going back to bed for a few more hours of sleep. It helps me fit in a few more calories, which can be tough when you’re trying to get in 5500 plus calories a day.

Personally I wake up in the middle of the night a lot. And I am starving. But I have a metabolism like a race car so I am always hungry. I usually eat a large meal before bed. There are now protiens on the market that are supposed to be time released. giving you up to eight hours of protien. I take one made by Designer. I don’t wake up with cravings in the middle of the night like I used to. There are actually a few different ones out there. I have been wandering if anyone was ever going to mention any of them.

Berardi said theose “special proteins” are a scam in a recent article for T-mag.