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Protein shake digestion

Protein shakes give me diarrhea. I’ve taken them with 16 oz. of water, chewed them, and taken them digestive enzymes and that doesn’t work. Are there any supplements I could take for this?

Michael, there are so many variables here. First, which brand are you using, and how much(scoops and grams total of protein)? Next, is the protein you are using just a straight whey, or a mixture of whey isolates and concentrates? Or, is it a combination of proteins(whey isolates, concentrates, hydrosolates, egg albumin, caseinates)? Now, are you sensitive to milk products -lactose intolerant? If you are, then a product like Grow, or Optimum’s 100% Egg protein would be good substitutes. Also, go to proteinfactory.com, as you can build your own protein mixture. Now, how much carbs are in the protein drink you are consuming? If you are drinking an MRP, and the carb count is high, look at the ingredients. The best carb source in MRP’s is maltodextrin. If you see high fructose corn syrup as one of the main ingredients, than the MRP is, IMO, crap. If doing a low carb diet, any drink which has garbage carbs makes me bloated and gives me diarrhea. Surge doesn’t though, however it’s assimilated differently(for a different task). I hope this answers some of your questions.-The Starkdog

One other idea to try would be to mix in some Metamucil or something similar to increase fiber content. More fiber = less fluid waste. One caveat: if you’re not used to taking a fiber supp, start slow!

Its VP2 Whey Protein Isolate with 100% hydrolyzed whey peptide fractions. 1 serving has 24g protein, 1 g carb and hardly any fat and all I take is 1 serving at a time with no added carbs. I don’t think Im lactose intolerant because I eat a lot of cheese which contains milk. One strange thing I noticed is that I get a runny nose whenever I drink it. The temporary solution I’ve found is to eat the protein powder by itself without mixing it in water. I guess the only disadvantage to this is the slower rate of ingestion.

Use Grow! It contains Aminogen, which helps digest the proteins. No more protein shake farts at the gym!