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Protein Shake/Creatine

Hey guys…what have you found as to the effectiveness of Creatine mixed with your protein shakes, as opposed to being mixed with something having sugar in it…ie: grape juice etc…?

I have been doing Ian King’s approach to loading-starting low, working high, then going back to low for 8 weeks. I’m only midway through week one so I can’t give you much feedback, but anyway what I’m doing is taking creatine/grape juice right after workout, then waiting 15-20 min. before having my protein shake.

I thought the whole idea was that for the creatine to be absorbed more you had to take it with sugar to create an insulin spike. Hence the grape juice. I just mix it with water and dextrose powder. Tastes like crap, but is cheaper than grape juice. Also a good idea to take the creatine after training since absorbsion will be greater then.