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Protein Shake Before Bed - Inhibit GH?

I’m hoping someone can answer, but does drinking a protein shake right before bed inhibit GH growth? It’s normally insulin that inhibits GH growth, so obviously Coke and such is out of the question.

However, does specifically Grow! Protein, have insulin that would inhibit GH growth?


You are best off consulting a basic physiology textbook (Sherwood is easy) for:

(1) GH regulation
(2) In the grand scheme of things, will the effect upon GH secretion be significant to your goals.

As a starting point…

Table 3�??3. Factors that Regulate Growth Hormone Release

Stimulation of GH release Inhibition of GH release
GHRH Somatostatin
Dopamine IGF-I
Catecholamines Glucose
Excitatory amino acids FFA
Thyroid hormone

GHRH = growth hormone�??releasing hormone; IGF-I = insulin-like growth factor-I; FFA = free fatty acids.

So does insulin directly inhibit GH release? It would seem not to. But somatostatin is released in response to the same things that cause insulin release (ie. a sugary meal). So a sugary meal would cause somatostatin release, and thus inhibit GH release whilst insulin is also being secreted.

But then, are there excitatory amino acids in your protein drink (I have no idea which amino acids are excitatory in the context of GH release, I’d have to check)?

It’s a massive interplay of factors, and I don’t know enough about the product, or endocrine physiology in general to give you an answer.

Maybe someone else knows more about it and can answer you, but I doubt it really, because at the end of the day, the effect on GH will be insignificant to your overall progress.


I’m not so concerned with progress as GHs effect on height growth.

I presume that it wouldn’t make much sense to have Surge before sleeping, but I’m wondering about the somatostatin release from Growth!.

Thank you for the response, it was really insightful though!

Your right though, I don’t want to be awfully nit-picky on such minor issues.

I think you worrying about this sort of thing and triggering cortisol release is going to more of a number on your growth than a protein shake.

[quote]Mediated Life wrote:

However, does specifically Grow! Protein, have insulin that would inhibit GH growth?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure insulin isn’t in the Grow! Whey Protein ingredient list.

GH release is potentiated by many of the aminos in your protein drink - L-arginine, L-citruline, L-ornithine, amongst others. Each are either found in the protein drink or produced using components in the protein mix. Don’t worry about it. Drink the damn protein and go to bed.


Thanks for the help! This was greatly appreciated, I’d take the advice to heart :slight_smile: Or to bed, depending on how you look at it.