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Protein Shake and Stomach Problems

This may be a topic that has already been discussed, but I didn’t find it.

I use protein supplements, normally mixed with skim milk, so that I don’t have to eat 18 whole baked chickens daily. The only problem with this is that they seem to give me… stomach problems. Bad problems like painful cramps due to gas and other undesirable side effects. I have used more than one brand with much the same results.

I need something to supplement my protein intake, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the pain. Any ideas?

Are you sure it’s the protein that’s giving you the cramps and not the milk? I’m not positive of the symptoms, but could you possibly be lactose intolerant?

This is pretty common. Best way to deal with it is to work up your intake gradually. Have only one half strength shake every day for a week. Make that full strength next week. One full, one half next week and so on.

Definitely looks like you’re lactose intolerant, as am I.

Try switching to Metabolic Drive and dropping the milk. I use it and don’t have any problems.

Also make sure you are having something to balance out the acid like greens plus or something (take it separately instead of ruining the taste of a good shake). I’ve been paying more attention to acid/base balance and it has helped me a lot.

I actually have a gluten intolerence (wheat, pasta, breads) and most protein supplements kill me. However, I can take Biotest’s Metabolic Drive without incidence. Give it a try if you haven’t already. Best of luck.


Are you getting enough fiber?

First of all it depends on the brand, I had this problem with Designer protein way back in the day.

Metabolic Drive\Grow! work well, but sometimes the casein gives people problems.

Obviously cut out the MILK.

Try taking your shake with high quality probiotics.

IF all else fails, buy some beverly proteins (muslce provider) has virtually no adiditives.

If that doesn’t work try Goatein.

I like my Metabolic Drive shakes blended with milk and frozen strawberries but when I’m watching the carbs, I cut out the strawberries and use non-sweetened almond milk instead of regular milk.

If you’re lactose intolerent, almond milk maybe a good alternative.

Does Metabolic Drive bother anyone who is lactose intolerant? I am quite sensitive to lactose. I use separate whey and casein proteins that are lactose free and mix them as needed.

I am looking into the V-Diet and need a protein supplement that is lactose free.
If Metabolic Drive is not lactose free, then what ratio whey to casein should I use?
Is Surge lactose free?

Thanks. I really hope they are.

Goat’s milk is good tasting and just a little richer tasting than cow’s milk. It is also much easier to digest.